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Public discourse needed on President’s personality disorder

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Donald Trump’s comments and behavior are being listened to and watched 24/7 these days. He, of course, loves the attention, regardless of its tone and timbre. The odd and totally unhealthy part of all this is that there are no discussions on the source of Trump’s unhinged outbursts and behavior.

The source is narcissism. This is well known but not emphasized. Other people’s addictive and resulting mental and physical problems are being brought out into the open, talked about, and diagnosed with encouragements for treatment. But Trump’s personality disorder is not being talked about as the cause of his erratic, conflicting, nonsensical, and unreliable behavior. With a person, touted to be “leader of the free world,” this is very serious, very dangerous. All of his motivations are geared to making his image look good, personally, and the “good of the nation and the world” is not primary. His mind simply does not work that way.

To open all this up for public knowledge, public discussion, and public digestion can be helpful, hopeful, and empowering. In my view, this needs to happen. Donald Trump is showing us the worst side of political power. He is also showing us one of the worst sides of mental disorders.

What are we learning? Is there something to learn and respond to here? Are we willing to learn and grow, as a nation, through this? Life is a classroom; can we agree on that? Are we here to learn and grow? Or are we here to simply react and rant? Are we here to share and discuss our diversities or are we here to express severe judgments and anger, thereby hardening these diversities into impenetrable blocks of beliefs?

Just wonderin’ about all this. Wonderin’ what we’ll do about things. Wonderin’ when we will do something about these things. And wanderin’ as I wonder.

Bob McClellan


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