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Working together essential to progress


Logic? “Future economic stability of Lake County depends on the election of those whose loyalty is not divided between two governments.” I think not.

Both governments mentioned in the readers letter are part of Lake County. Both are sovereign nations. We need in fact to eliminate continued loyalty to just one or the other to see economic development in Lake County.

And thus we need to replace those who serve with that misconception. America partners with other sovereign nations in world affairs to achieve goals that better our country. It should be that way to better our county as well.

If our current and frequently reelected commissioners have in fact demonstrated a thorough understanding of the issues facing us, why do we not yet have a solution to our jail problem? Why are there so many closed businesses? Why do our children need to seek employment outside Lake County? Why were they surprised when the deadline on the dam transfer arrived?

And I have heard one such commissioner spoke to his “loyalty” group purporting to sue the other nation in order to get funds for long time needed projects. What are the odds the suit will be successful this time? Who foots the bill for the suit? You and I. Who makes the money acting as agents and lawyers, etc “on our behalf”; my guess is party loyals.

Running for commissioner is one who is young, but has the idea that a cooperative effort can be successful to both nations. Her track record in such an endeavor may be minimal but her education, intelligence and heart are not in question.

Choose to reelect the one who has said he doesn’t know what to do and is perplexed for a solution. Or choose Caroline McDonald, who offers us the opportunity to break from the ongoing attitude that we can only war with our sovereign neighbor and who will help us work for solutions that will indeed improve the state of Lake County.

I will choose to vote for Caroline McDonald. I have lived through the other’s effort for many years.

Rich Bell


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