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Character matters


Does character count? Looking at our present legislative and executive branches of government, does character trump selfishness? Do members of our Republican House and Senate act out of high morality, unselfishness, and good character? Does our White House and various executive branch appointees act out of high morality, unselfishness, and good character?

Character definitely does count. We all know that. And presently, if we are honest with bipartisan assessments, the answer to the Republican question is a resounding no. And the answer to the White House question is also a resounding no, with an interesting mixture with various executive branch appointees.

This is America, “the land of the free and the home of the brave,” right? America believes in freedom of speech, right? So what becomes of this “being so free?” It seems that we are, right now, in the process of finding out.

Will our form of government survive the present onslaught of self above service, big money above good legislation, and personal attacks above leadership?

It seems to me that only a majority of Americans engaging in active participation by speaking out for, voting for, and having deep beliefs for high morality, unselfishness, and good character can save America.

We had better get busy, and soon.

Bob McClellan

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