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2018 Lake County Fair Results announced

Grand and Reserve Champions at the Lake County Fair:

Aerospace, Level II, Grand: Ryan Kendall 

Beef, Market Beef, standard breed, Grand: Darcy Coleman  Reserve: Brielle Zempel  

Market Beef, small breed, Grand: Bryanne Zempel  

Reserve: Braydon Zempel                    

Breeding Beef, Overall Grand Champion Beef Breeding Female: Courtnee Clairmont

Reserve: Kyia Hendrickson

Champion Hereford, any age, Grand: Cloe Barron-Hoover

Reserve: Gabby Smith

Champion Black Angus, any age, Grand: Morgan Shepard

Reserve: Grace Elverud

Champion Red Angus, any age, Grand: Kiara Sherman,

Reserve: Sydney Taylor  

Top Red Angus Female; Grand: Kiara Sherman

Champion Charolais, any age, Grand: Cloe Barron-Hoover 

Champion Simmental, Any Age, Grand: Courtnee Clairmont

Reserve: Ty Smith

Any Other Female, Straight Bred, Grand: Hallie Sohr

Reserve: Sadler McCollum

Steer Calf, Raised from Breeding Project, Grand: Morgan Shepard

Reserve:  Sydney Taylor 

Small Breeds, Champion Miniature Female, Any age – Hereford, Grand: Ariana Zempel  

Reserve: Braydon Zempel

Steer Calf, Raised from Breeding Project, Grand: Ariana Zempel

Overall Mini Female, Grand: Ariana Zempel

Reserve: Shelby Tryon

Champion Crossbred Mini, Any Age, Grand: Shelby Tryon

Reserve: Bryanne Zempel

Bull Calf, Under 8 Months, Grand: Brielle Zempel

Beef Showmanship, Novice, Grand: Madisyn Wills

Reserve: Darcy Coleman

Junior, Grand: Grace Elverud

Reserve: Brielle Zempel

Senior, Grand: Kyia Hendrickson

Reserve: Megan Evelo 

Beef Herdsmanship, Grand: Cloe Barron -Hoover 

Reserve: Courtnee Clairmont

Beef Posters and Projects, Bite Into Beef, Grand: Grace Elverud, Reserve, Sadler McCollum 

Cake Decorating, Class A, Level 1, Grand: Kiara Sherman

Reserve: Olivia Clairmont 

Cat, Short-haired cat, over two years old, Grand: Lilia Mitchell 

Long-haired cat, over two years old, Grand: Aspen McKee

Junior Cat Showmanship, Grand: Aspen McKee

Reserve: Lilia Mitchell

Cat Projects, posters, displays, etc., Level 1, Grand: Aspen McKee 

Dairy, Holstein, any age, Grand: Courtnee Clairmont  

Senior Dairy Showmanship, Grand:  Courtnee Clairmont

Dairy Herdsmanship: Courtnee Clairmont

Dog, Dog Obedience, Novice, Grand: Aspen Mckee

Rally, Novice, Grand: Isaac Rodriquez  Reserve: Clara Nittinger

Regular Agility, 12” & under, off leash, Grand: Tyler Kendall

Agility, 12” to 16” on leash, Grand: Clara Nittinger

Reserve: Ryan Kendall

Agility, 16” to 21”, off leash, Grand: Mesa McKee 

Reserve: Aspen McKee

Senior Showmanship, Grand: Mesa McKee 

Reserve: Tyler Kendall

Junior Showmanship, Grand: Aspen McKee

Reserve: Nikki Kendall

Novice Showmanship, Grand: Lina Sturman

Reserve: Ryan Kendall

Tunnelers/Barrellers, 12” off leash, Grand: Tyler Kendall

Reserve: Nikki Kendall

Tunnelers/Barrellers 12” to 16” off leash, Grand: Isaac Rodriquez 

Hoopers, 12” to 16” on leash: Clara Nittinger

Hoopers, 16” to 21” on leash, Grand: Lina Sturman

Hoopers, 12” and under, off leash, Grand: Tyler Kendall

Reserve: Nikki Kendall

Hoopers, 16” to 21”, off leash, Grand: Aspen McKee

Reserve: Mesa McKee

Tunnelers, 16” to 21” off leash, Grand: Aspen McKee

Reserve: Mesa McKee

Dog Projects, posters, displays, etc., Level 11, Grand: Aspen McKee

Level 111, Grand: Aryal Love

Independent Study, Grand: Mesa McKee

Electricity, Level 1, Grand: Adam Sheumaker

Family Adventures, Grand, Senior: Tyler Kelsch

Reserve: Shyanne Reum

Grand, Junior: Elsie Detert

Reserve: Grace Simonich 

Foods & Nutrition, Cooking 101, Class A, Grand: Shawnte Erickson

Reserve, Jackson Davis; Cooking 201, Class B, Grand: Isaac Cantlon

Reserve: Madison Clairmont

Cooking 301, Class C, Grand: Haylee Walchuk

Party Planner, Grand: Allison Delaney  

Baking 101, Class F, Grand: Gabby Smith Reserve: Xavier Ward

Baking 102, Class G, Grand: Caitlyn Ward

Reserve: Lina Sturman

Baking 103, Class H, Grand: Jessica Shenyer

Reserve: Jessica Shenyer;

Baking 104, Class I, Grand: Sierra Hutchin

Goat, Pure breed meat goat, Boer, Grand: Nick Daugherty

Reserve: Nick Daugherty

Pure Breed Dairy Goat, Nubian, Grand: Payton Smith

Reserve: Sierra Symington

Pure Breed Dairy Goat, Nigerian Dwarf, Grand: Lilia Mitchell

Reserve: Bryanne Zempel

Goat Projects, posters, displays, etc., Unit 1, Grand: Lilia Mitchell,

Unit 2, Grand: Aryal Love                  

Goat Showmanship, Novice Grand: Lilia Mitchell  

Reserve: Sierra Symington

Junior Grand: Bryanne Zempel

Senior Grand: Hailey Weible and Aubrey Dumont

Reserve: Nick Daugherty

Goat Herdsmanship, Grand: Sierra Symington

Reserve: Aubrey Dumont     

Horse, Showmanship, 9-13, Grand: Tanner Bergh

Reserve: Hayley Bergh

Showmanship, 14 and Over, Grand: Aislynn Love

Reserve: Kyia Hendrickson

Western Horsemanship, Level 6, Grand: Kyia Hendrickson

Reserve: Aislynn Love

Western Horsemanship, Level 7, Grand: Kylee Wells

Ranch Horse, Level 4, Grand: Aislynn Love

Reserve: Morgan Shepard

Trail 14 & Over, Grand: Kyia Hendrickson

Reserve: Kylee Wells

Miniature Horse Obstacle Level 2, Grand: Madisyn Evelo

Horse Projects, such as posters, displays, etc., Grand: Lilia Mitchell

Reserve: Cloe Barron-Hoover 

Leadership, Navigating Citizenship, Level 1, Grand: Philip Vaughan

Reserve: Tyler Kendal

Navigating Citizenship, Level 2, Grand: Sierra Hutchin

Reserve: Anabella Smith 

Leathercraft, Level II, Grand: Payton Cates

Level III, Grand: Hanna Lytton

Reserve: Ryan Walchuk

Level IV, Grand: Tucker Lytton

Reserve: Koy McAllister 

Needlework, Knitting, Beginning, Grand and Reserve: Lina Sturman

Quilting, Beginning, Grand: Madison Sevier 

Embroidery, Beginning, Grand: Ryanne Rider.

Pocket Pets, Grand: Ashlee Peterson.

Poultry, Standard Breed, Female, Grand: Lina Sturman

Reserve: Branson Zempel

Standard Breed, Male, Grand: Aspen Taber

Standard Breed Trio, Grand: Aspen Taber

Crossbred Female, Grand: Maizey McDonald

Crossbred Male, Grand: Shawnte Erickson

Bantam Breed Female, Grand: Toby Cantlon

Bantam Breed Male, Grand: Shailee Erickson

Reserve: Toby Cantlon

Bantam Breed Trio, Grand: Toby Cantlon

Ducks, Lightweight, Male, Any Breed, Grand: Emalie Taber

Turkey, Female, Any Breed, Grand: Shailee Erickson

Turkey, Male, Any Breed, Grand: Shailee Erickson

Best of Show, Grand: Lina Sturman

Reserve: Toby Cantlon

Poultry Projects, such as posters, displays, etc., Level 1, Grand: Lina Sturman

Level 11, Grand: Aspen Taber

Poultry Herdsmanship, Grand: Emalie Taber

Reserve: Aspen Taber    

Rabbit, Light Weight or Small Breeds, Doe, Grand: Lina Sturman

Reserve: Kyia Hendrickson

Light Weight or Small Breeds, Buck, Grand: Madisyn Evelo

Reserve: Lina Sturman

Fur or Wool Breeds, Doe, Grand: Cadence Schweigert

Doe and Litter, Grand: Courtney Snyder  

Best of Show, Grand: Cadence Schweigert

Reserve: Madisyn Evelo

Senior Rabbit Showmanship, Grand: Kyia Hendrickson

Reserve: Mesa McKee

Junior Rabbit Showmanship, Grand: Aspen McKee 

Reserve: Lina Sturman

Rabbit Herdsmanship: Courtney Snyder  

Rabbit Projects, such as posters, displays, etc., Level 1, Grand: Aspen McKee

Reserve: Emalie Taber

Level 111: Grand, Courtney Snyder

Independent Study, Grand: Courtney Snyder 

Robotics, Independent Study, Grand: Evan Ingram

Reserve: Payton Cates 

Sewing and Textiles, Sew Much More Fun, Level 1, Grand: Alexa Youngren  

Reserve: Alexa Youngren

Sew Much More Fun, Level 11, Grand: Nikki Kendall

Reserve: Ryanne Rider

Advanced Sewing Skills, Level 111, Grand: Brogan Youngren

Reserve: Brooklyn Kenelty

Advance Sewing Skills, Level 111, Wardrobe Exhibit, Grand: Brooklyn Kenelty

Sewing, Independent Study, Grand: Morgan Brooks (jacket)

Reserve: Morgan Brooks (dress) 

Small Engines, Level 1, Grand: Mason Sloan 

Sheep, Market Lamb, Grand: Tyler Kelsch

Reserve: Ben Mitchell

Sheep Breeding Stock, Cross breed ewe, Grand: Shailee Erickson, 

Reserve: Sierra Hutchins

Any Other Purebreed Ewe, Grand: Branson Zempel

Wether Lamb, Grand: Sierra Hutchin

Sheep Showmanship, Novice, Grand: Trevor Rider

Junior, Grand: Hayley Bergh, 

Reserve: Micaiah Mitchell

Senior, Grand: Shailee Erickson

Reserve: Tyler Kelsch

Sheep Herdsmanship, Sheep Projects, such as posters, displays, etc., Level 111, Grand: Daniel Kelsch   

Shooting Sports, Shotgun, Overall 11-12 years, Grand: Isaac Cantlon 

Reserve: Nate Young 

Showmanship, Large Animal Round Robin—Senior Grand: Courtnee Clairmont

Senior Reserve: Hailey Weible

Junior Grand: Tanner Bergh

Junior Reserve: Grace Elverud  

Overall Large Animal Round Robin – Grand: Courtnee Clairmont 

Showmanship, Small Animal Round Robin – Senior Grand: Mesa McKee

Junior Grand: Aspen McKee

Junior Reserve: Lina Sturman

Overall Small Animal Round Robin – Grand: Mesa McKee 

Sport Fishing: 

Swine, Market Hog, Grand: Mason Sloan

Reserve: Sackett Andres

Breeding Gilt, Grand: Ryle Lytle

Reserve: Blair Lytle

Swine Showmanship, Novice, Grand: Seeley McDonald

Reserve: Maizey McDonald

Junior, Grand: Tucker Love

Reserve: Ryan Walchuk 

Senior, Grand, Senior: Zane Walchuk

Reserve: Katelyn Young

Swine Herdsmanship, Veterinary Science, Level 1, Grand: Elsie Detert

Reserve: Shelby Tryon  

Level 11, Reserve: Shailee Erickson

Level 111, Grand: Courtney Snyder

Independent Study, Grand: Kylee Wells  

Reserve: Morgan Shepard 

Visual Arts, A Palette of Fun with Arts and Crafts, Grand, Senior: Mesa McKee 

Reserve, Senior: Mesa McKee

Grand, Junior: Vivian Grainey

Reserve: Allen Detert

Drawing, Fiber and Sculpture, Grand, Senior: Mesa McKee  

Grand, Junior: Nikki Kendall

Reserve: Caitlyn Ward

Painting, Printing and Graphic Design, Grand, Senior: Mesa McKee

Grand, Junior: Aspen McKee

Reserve, Junior: Seth Ingram

Scrapbooking, Grand: Ryanne Rider

Reserve: Sidney Bauer 

Welding, Class F, Grand: Garett Vaughan

Reserve: Aubrey Dumont 

Woodworking, Measuring Up, Level 1, Grand: James Farrier

Reserve: Colter Cornwell

Making the Cut, Level 2, Grand: Trapper McAllister

Reserve: Toby Cantlon

Nailing it Together, Level 3, Grand: Dylan Sevier

Reserve: Bowen Tryon  

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