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Tough love


What is tough love? The definition per is “affectionate concern expressed in a stern or unsentimental manner especially to promote responsible behavior.” Responsible behavior, isn’t that an admirable quality to promote? Tough love has been the cornerstone of most successful sport coaches, teachers, parents, neighbors, friends and most recently even the president of the United States of America. Tough love is an honest, straightforward approach. Tough love places a great deal of trust in the receiving party’s ability to accept the hard truth. You may know individuals that have the uncanny ability to promote responsible behavior through tough love.

One such individual, in my view, is Mr. Gale Decker. Gale currently serves as one of three Lake County Commissioners. Gale has served Lake County in his current commissioner position for nearly six years. Prior to his governmental tenure, Gale served the residents of Lake County as a trusted sports coach, both publicly through the school system and individually through private instruction. Gale is not new to the concept of tough love. Having been born and raised in the Ronan area, Gale understands our rich diversity.

Are you aware that Gale seeks reelection as a Lake County Commissioner? Thank you Gale for your years of practiced tough love. Thank you for trusting in your neighbors. If you are 18 years of age please commit to voting on Nov. 6.

A vote for Mr. Gale Decker is a vote for honest, transparent and responsible behavior. A refreshing renaissance that currently sweeps America.

David Passieri
St. Ignatius

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