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Fire Danger remains extreme on Flathead Reservation

Stage II Fire Restrictions continue in Western Montana

RONAN — The Division of Fire officials want to update the public on the Flathead Indian Reservation, that Stage II Fire Restrictions remain necessary. Even though many areas received wetting rains on Monday, associated with the passage of a cold front, the amount and duration of the rain was not enough to significantly alter conditions on the ground. Fuel moistures remain low, and fire potential high and it will take sustained precipitation to bring fire danger levels to moderate conditions. The near-term weather forecast calls for a return to high temperatures with low relative humidity into this coming weekend. 

While Stage II restrictions are in force, neither campfires nor charcoal fires are allowed. Nighttime and early morning patrols at area campgrounds and popular recreation sites have revealed that the vast majority of campers have followed the restrictions and have not had campfires or charcoal fires. Firefighters in the area want to extend thanks to those who have paid attention to restrictions.  

Internal combustion engines are not allowed between 1pm to 1am.  A 1-hour patrol following cessation of work is required. 

LPG stoves or other types of stoves that can be turned on and off are allowed. Make sure they are only used in areas cleared of flammable material a minimum of three feet from the stove.

Keep up to date on restrictions and find restrictions maps at:    


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