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Build stronger community, vote for McDonald

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We who live and work in Lake County are very fortunate that Caroline McDonald is running for County Commissioner. In her work as a community and economic consultant in Mission Valley, and as chair of the Polson School Board, she has taken a pragmatic, nonpartisan, community- building approach. She has shown herself able to listen to people, identify problems and then find those who are willing and able to work towards effective solutions. She understands that our community has been divided on many issues, and that this division and lack of trust has gotten in the way of our solving problems. It is a testament to her abilities that, after her many years of public work, Caroline McDonald still believes any problem can be solved through listening, collaboration, and mutual respect. Now is the time to elect a candidate who can bring people together, instead of driving them apart. Now is the time to think of our children, and their children, as we build a stronger community. I urge you to support Caroline McDonald for County Commissioner.

Gail Trenfield
St. Ignatius

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