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Sportspage bowling results for the week of Sept. 25-28, 2018

Tuesday Night Moonlighters

High Team Game: West Shore Cabinets1025

High Team Series: West Shore Cabinets2903

High Game Scratch: Trent Goslin        266

High Game Handicap:Trent Goslin        285

High Series Scratch:Wayne Rogers        700

High Series Handicap: Thomas Wallace        770

Wednesday Night Mixed

High Team Game: Bowling Stones       958

High Team Series: Misfits               2792


High Game Scratch: Darrol Denny236

High Game Handicap:Gary Peterson282

High Series Scratch: Randy Kelley607

High Series Handicap: Gary Peterson781

High Series Handicap: Gary Peterson781


High Game Scratch:Steph Brown208

High Game Handicap:Jo Durand274

High Series Scratch:Pamela Wilson564

High Series Handicap:Jo Durand710

Thursday Night Trio

High Team Game: Sportspage775

High Team Series:Sportspage2020


High Game Scratch: Ross Woods        287

High Game Handicap:Ross Woods313

High Series Scratch:Ross Woods696

High Series Handicap: Ross Woods774


High Game Scratch:Deana Rogers193

High Game Handicap:Kiana Howell253

High Series Scratch:Deana Rogers481

High Series Handicap:Taryn Harrison        674

Friday Night Mixed

High Team Game: Split Happens1018

High Team Series:Split Happens2913


High Game Scratch:Arnie Hayes246

High Game Handicap:Thomas Wallace        275

High Series Scratch:Arnie Hayes636

High Series Handicap:Thomas Wallace754


High Game Scratch:Lisa Bagaoisan         217

High Game Handicap:Lisa Bagaoisan         293

High Series Scratch:Alana Bahe         573

High Series Handicap:Alana Bahe         804

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