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Having compassion for the President

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When a lost soul needs help, the most compassionate response is to give help. My interpretation of lost soul comes from the Collins English Dictionary. It is this: “The person seems unhappy and unable to fit in with any particular group of people in society.”

It is often difficult when that lost soul’s cries for help are not heard because they are not spoken aloud. The cries need to be heard through other observations. This is when understanding, forgiveness and compassion are called for.

Case in point: our president, Donald J. Trump. The media are his enemy. Many individuals are his enemy. Many groups are his enemy. The only group he seems to have a connection with is his so-called base. But he really does not fit in with them. He simply speaks to them a welcome language that casts blame on others for their own individual problems.

What are “We the People” of America supposed to do about this? To my way of thinking, it is this: first, we are to acknowledge this lost soul for who he is and what his unheard cries for help are. Second, we are to take action out of responsibility, understanding and compassion.

His one great need, right now, is to not be President of the United States of America. It is not good for him. It is not good for our nation. It is not good for our world. I firmly believe that the vast majority of all people in this world agree with this assessment.

Therefore, our nation's legislative and judicial branches of government have a global responsibility to take the actions necessary for Trump to be removed from national and international leadership and be free to continue a less damaging role in life.

Whether he seeks help for his personal psychological problems is his choice. In the meantime, our nation needs new leadership, which is compatible with democracy, bi-partisanship, addressing problems and responding to the Will of the People.

Bob McClellan


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