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A president for our time


I get it. I get why many don’t like our President. He’s brash, sometimes crude, very direct and can be offensive. But we live in difficult times. After eight years of being a laughingstock to the world, supporting Islamic advances worldwide and in our nation and an abysmal economy, we are in trouble as a nation.

Tough times need tough leaders. In two short years, we have a booming economy, North Korea came to the table, Iran has been put in their place and exposed for the paper tiger they are, and we’ve recognized the only sane country in the Middle East, Israel, and their right to have a capital where they choose.

He has cut foreign aid to the United Nations and a few other countries that don’t deserve our support, and he is on the way to rebuild our military, decimated by Obama.

He’s accomplished all that with one hand tied behind his back. Imagine what he could do if the Democrats and half the Republicans actually cared more about solving America’s problems than they did getting Trump out of office? He has faced the most vicious resistance of any president in our history. He won in spite of the Democratic machine, the money of George Soros and his cronies and the propaganda machine that is our mainstream media today.

People want to heal the divide; the one left by Obama. It’s simple. Grow up, start acting like adults and start working for the good of America and Americans, not African Americans or Asian Americans or Native Americans … Americans.

Ed Kugler
Big Arm

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