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Legal competence questioned

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In the Nov. 7 Valley Journal, Boone Cole, Tim Orr and Bruce White questioned the legality of the CSKT-Montana Water Compact and called for a “paradigm shift in this process, a new approach that follows the law.”

Irrigators should question Cole, Orr and White’s legal opinions not only because they are not lawyers but because of their performance when they and other commissioners from the Jocko, Mission and Camas divisions controlled the now defunct Flathead Joint Board of Control (FJBC) from 2014 to 2017.

They canceled the May 2016 irrigator election, which was an action declared illegal by Lake County District Court.

They wasted irrigator money big time on lawsuits they lost in District Court, Montana Supreme Court, US federal court and with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

They failed to fulfill their legal fiduciary responsibilities, resulting in a significant loss of irrigator money and an investigation from the Federal Bureau of Investigation that is still ongoing.

The final measure of their legal incompetence is the fact that the District Court dissolved the FJBC in January 2018 because they had failed to legally reconstitute the FJBC.

Dick Erb


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