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Lucky Strike bowling results for the week of Nov. 25-Dec. 1


High Team:Frank’s Meats        1254

High Team Series:Lucky Strike Lanes     3578

High Game Scratch:Justin McElderry        276

High Game Handicap:Justin McElderry        281    

High Series Scratch:Bryce Finley        740    

High Series Handicap:Brad Stevens        755

Tuesday Twisters

High Team Game:Spare Parts        803    

High Team Series:Spare Parts       2318

High Game Scratch:Zayna Irish       192

High Handicap Game:Kay Palmer       234

High Series Scratch:Zayna Irish       504

High Series Handicap:Alice Johnson       612


High Team Game:     Junior Tatonkas       1033    

High Team Series:Junior Tatonkas       2901    

High Game Scratch:Bryan Dupuis       279 (x2)    

High Game Handicap:Faryl Haggard       298    

High Series Scratch:Bryan Dupuis       794    

High Series Handicap:Bryan Dupuis       836

Wednesday Lucky Ladies

High Team Game:Lucky Strike Lanes    863    

High Team Game:Lucky Strike Lanes    2461

High Game Scratch:B.J. Rinke               257

High Game Handicap:B.J. Rinke               287

High Series Scratch:B.J. Rinke               620

High Series Handicap:B.J. Rinke               710

Lady Strikers 

High Team Game:Subway-Polson       863    

High Team Series:Subway-Polson      2460   

High Game Scratch:Judy Stevenson      234    

High Game Handicap:Judy Stevenson      283

High Series Scratch:Lisa Corbett      628    

High Series Handicap:Judy Stevenson      687

Friday Night Mixed

High Team Series:     Team #8     973

High Team Series:     Rocket Balls     2792    

High Game Scratch: Bryan Dupuis     258    

High Game Handicap:Daniel Tromp     301    

High Series Scratch:  Justin Umderwood    679    

High Series Handicap:Traver Sinclair     742


High Game Scratch:  Johnie Underwood    213

High Game Handicap:Zayna Irish     254

High Series Scratch:Tasha Sinclair     589    

High Series Handicap:Tasha Sinclair     709

Lucky Strike Lanes Scratch League

Session No. 1

High Game: 1.Glenn Whitewater    239

        2. Will Rogers    230

        3. Zach Underwood    225

High Series:1. Will Rogers    614

        2. Sackett Jennison    599

        3. Glenn Whitewater    590

League Average this session:  172.19

Session No. 2

High Game:1. Robbie Kinkel    239

        2. Tony VanMaanen    228

        3. Scott Moderie     221

High Series1. Justin Underwood    610

        2. Brad Stevens    605

        3. Robbie Kinkel    590

League average session  No. 2: 176.49


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