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Lucky Strike bowling for the week of Dec. 16-22, 2018


High Team:                 Wounded Warriors      1260

High Team Series:               Wounded Warriors      3555

High Game Scratch:         Randy Wieder     277

High Game Handicap:         Randy Wieder          297

High Series Scratch:         Dana Matt          704

High Series Handicap: Brebdon Krahn          783

Tuesday Twisters

High Team Game:        Les Schwab Tire          863

High Team Series:Les Schwab Tire          2370

High Game Scratch:        Regina Pablo          223

High Handicap Game:        Clara Sipe                  249

High Series Scratch:        Alice Johnson          499

High Series Handicap:Clara Sipe                  660


High Team Game:            M.M. Motors          1012

High Team Series:       M.M. Motorss         2869

High Game Scratch:       Jake Starkel         255

High Game Handicap:       Jeff Lulow                 288

High Series Scratch:       Jake Starkel         704

High Series Handicap:Henry Symington 819

Wednesday Lucky Ladies

High Team Game:       Foothills Tree Farm        874

High Team Game:       325 Bar          2433

High Game Scratch:       Megan L. Jennison        239

High Game Handicap:       Megan L. Jennison        261

High Series Scratch:       Megan L. Jennison        625

High Series Handicap:Megan L. Jennison        691

Lady Strikers

High Team Game:       The Bird          867

High Team Series:       Lynn’s Drive In          2444

High Game Scratch:       Zayna Irish                  233

High Game Handicap:       Zayna Irish                  258

High Series Scratch:       Zayna Irish                  587

High Series Handicap:       Zayna Irish                  662

Friday Night Mixed

High Team Game:       Splits N Giggles          963

High Team Series:       Rocket Balls          2761


High Game Scratch:        Traver Sinclair          248

High Game Handicap:       Traver Sinclair          302

High Series Scratch:       Bryan Dupuis          678

High Series Handicap:       Traver Sinclair          833


High Game Scratch:       Tasha Sinclair          236

High Game Handicap:        Tasha Sinclair          275

High Series Scratch:          Tasha Sinclair               628

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