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CSKT reminds people of seasonal land closures

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News from CSKT

FLATHEAD INDIAN RESERVATION — Dan McClure, chief of the Tribal Conservation Program, announces the posting and enforcement of the following seasonal closure.

The Ferry Basin Wildlife Management Unit’s tribally owned lands are closed to all recreational access and use by non-tribal members from Jan. 1 through May 15 of each year with the exception of the allowed fishing access to the shoreline on the Lower Flathead River. The closure minimizes disturbance to big game on critical winter and calving ranges.

In addition, the Ferry Basin Wildlife Management Unit is closed to antler collection by tribal members from Jan. 1 through April 30 of each year to minimize disturbance to big game on critical winter range.

The Ferry Basin Wildlife Management Unit is described as land starting at the south end of Sloan’s Bridge and west along Ronan and Hot Springs Road until the Schmidt Lookout Road. It also continues west along the Schmidt Lookout Road to Highway 382 to the Flathead River. The management unit extends easterly and northerly along the north and west bank of the Lower Flathead River to Sloan’s Bridge, which is the point of origin.  

For more information on the seasonal recreational lands closures, contact Chief Dan McClure, Les Bigcrane or Germaine White at 406-675-2700.  

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