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Kids rewarded with movie passes for good dental habits

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POLSON – Going to the dentist for regular exams and cleanings might not be the most exciting or fun thing to do as a kid. For the last eight years, the staff at the Polson Tribal Dental Clinic have been making visits as fun as possible with the No Cavity Club.

The Showboat Cinemas and its owners, Gary and Becky DuPuis, are sponsoring a program to help make dental visits exciting. The No Cavity Club celebrates kids with good dental habits and rewards them for taking care of their teeth with free movie passes. 

Dental hygienist Cyndie Marengo explained the program: “Each time we have a child complete their six-month checkup with no cavities, they have their picture taken, and it is placed on the No Cavity Club board. At the end of the month, we do a drawing. The monthly winner is then featured on the board and wins free movie passes to the Showboat theater.”

Polson Tribal Dental Clinic wanted to congratulate Eslie Roberts as this month’s No Cavity Club and movie ticket winner.

“She loves going to the sink and brushing her teeth. It’s actually a hobby of hers,” Eslie’s mom Allena said chuckling.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, tooth decay affects children in the United States more than any other chronic infectious disease. Left untreated, tooth decay can have serious long-term consequences, including needless pain, infections, difficulty chewing (which compromises children’s nutrition and can slow their development), difficulty speaking and lost days in school.

“This is an entirely preventable disease,” said Dr. Garry Pitts, the dental director for the Tribal Health Department’s Dental Program. Dr. Pitts recognizes that it can be difficult for kids to realize the importance of good dental care, which is why he was excited that the clinic made brushing and regular checkups a fun and rewarding experience with the No Cavity Club.

For more information on Polson Tribal Dental Clinic services or to schedule an appointment, call 406-883-5541.


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