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Sportspage bowling results for the week of Feb. 19

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Tuesdsay Fun Seekersdid not bowl


Tuesday Night Moonlighters

High Team Game:West Shore Cabinets1002

High Team Series:West Shore Cabinets2825

High Game Scratch:Keith Paul                278

High Game HandicapDave Brown        300

High Series Scratch:Keith Paul                722

High Series Handicap:Keith Paul                779


Wednesday Night Mixed

High Team Game: Pocket Pounders        1047

High Team Series:Pocket Pounders        2836


High Game Scratch:Darrol Denny        288

High Game Handicap:Darrol Denny        314

High Series Scratch:Chase Johnson        662

High Series Handicap: Eric Hall                744


High Game Scratch:Pamela Wilson        243

High Game Handicap:Pamela Wilson        277

High Series Scratch:Pamela Wilson        659

High Series Handicap:Pamela Wilson        761


Thursday Night Trio

High Team Game: House Bowlton       737

High Team Series:Team 2              2067


High Game Scratch:Derek Peel              249

High Game Handicap:Guy Benkelman      310

High Series Scratch:Ross Woods      634

High Series Handicap:Guy Benkelman      825


High Game Scratch:Wanda Roat      204

High Game HandicapWanda Roat      276

High Series Scratch:Wanda Roat      503

High Series Handicap:Mel Sneed              724


Friday Night Mixed

High Team Game: Split Happens      1029

High Team Series:Split Happens      2859


High Game Scratch:Jeff Andrews      239

High Game HandicapJeff Lulow              280

High Series Scratch:Ross Woods      659

High Series Handicap: Jeff Andrews           719


High Game Scratch:Shawna Simmons    214

High Game HandicapShawna Simmons    301

High Series Scratch:Kristin Nelson     552

High Series Handicap:Shawna Simmons    756


Monday Lakers Youth League


High Game Scratch: Jarett Seifert141

High Game Handicap:Garette Michel228

High Series Scratch:  Chance Edwards 194

High Series Handicap:Chance Edwards367


High Game Scratch:Kylee Seifert136

High Game Handicap:Kylee Seifert268

High Series Scratch:Kylee Seifert178

High Series Handicap:Taryn Cochran332

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