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Sportspage bowling results for the week of March 19 and March 26

March 19

Tuesday Night Moonlighters

High Team Game:West Shore Cabinets991

High Team Series:     West Shore Cabinets2784

High Game Scratch:Steve Davey268

High Game Handicap:Steve Davey292

High Series Scratch:Steve Davey701

High Series Handicap:Tommy Seifert774

Wednesday Night Mixed

High Team Game: Pocket Pounders  1001

High Team Series:Pocket Pounders   2882


High Game Scratch:Darrol Denny  273

High Game Handicap:Darrol Denny   300

High Series Scratch:Darrol Denny   757

High Series Handicap: Darrol Denny   838


High Game Scratch:Steph Brown     257

High Game Handicap:Steph Brown     294

High Series Scratch:Steph Brown     704

High Series Handicap:Steph Brown      815

Thursday Night Trio

High Team Game:  Sportspage       748

High Team Series: Sportspage       2152


High Game Scratch:  Glen Whitewater 269

High Game Handicap:  Glen Whitewater 312

High Series Scratch:  Glen Whitewater 760

High Series Handicap:   Glen Whitewater 889


High Game Scratch:    Vickie Erickson  181

High Game Handicap:     Vickie Erickson  263

High Series Scratch:     Deana Rogers  456

High Series Handicap:     Vickie Erickson   692

Friday Night Mixed

High Team Game:      Split Happens   1045

High Team Series:     Split Happens    2878


High Game Scratch:     Damian Francis     261

High Game Handicap:      Jesse Vargas     301

High Series Scratch:      Jeremy Seifert     666

High Series Handicap:      Jesse Vargas     758


High Game Scratch:       Alana Bahe       243

High Game Handicap:       Alana Bahe       309

High Series Scratch:          Kristin Nelson        570

High Series Handicap:Alana Bahe759

High Game Scratch:    Steph Brown        201

High Game Handicap: Steph Brown        237

High Series Scratch:    Steph Brown         576

High Series Handicap:         Steph Brown         684


March 26

Tuesday Night Moonlighters

High Team Game:     Les Schwab                      1036

High Team Series:     Les Schwab                      2790

High Game Scratch:   Ian Donovan                    279

High Game Handicap: Keith Miller                      306

High Series Scratch:    Pat Dellwo                      693

High Series Handicap:  Keith Miller                     771

Wednesday Night Mixed

High Team Game:        Pre-Emptius Strike           964

High Team Series:        Pre-Emptius Strike           2678


High Game Scratch:       Darrol Denny                  240

High Game Handicap:     Tim Basta                       268

High Series Scratch:        Darrol Denny                 702

High Series Handicap:      Darrol Denny                 774  

High Game Scratch:      Pam Wilson                  212

High Game Handicap:      Pam Wilson                  244

High Series Scratch:      Pam Wilson                  566

High Series Handicap:      Beve Michel                  667

Thursday Night Trio

High Team Game:        Camp Tuffit                   744

High Team Series:       Camp Tuffit                   2083


High Game Scratch:        Glen Whitewater   246

High Game Handicap:         James Cutler           291

High Series Scratch:        Glen Whitewater   652

High Series Handicap:James Cutler           740


High Game Scratch:        Deana Rogers            198

High Game Handicap:        Taryn Harrison            278

High Series Scratch:        Deana Rogers            526

High Series Handicap:Taryn Harrison            723


Friday Night Mixed

High Team Game:        Team 2                    952

High Team Series:        Team 5                    2752


High Game Scratch:        Damian Francis            247

High Game Handicap:        Brent Rowley            282

High Series Scratch:        Pat Dellwo            667

High Series Handicap:Brent Rowley            771


High Game Scratch:        Jen Seifert            219

High Game Handicap:        Jen Seifert            278

High Series Scratch:        Jen Seifert            514

High Series Handicap:Bonnie Vollin            717


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