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Swimming lessons can save lives

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News from Mission Valley Aquatics and Fitness

POLSON – The community of Polson and the surrounding areas in Lake County are filled with beautiful natural water features. We have Flathead Lake, as well as multiple rivers, streams, ponds and canals.  As beautiful and inviting as this water is during the summer months, it can also be very dangerous for a child or adult that doesn’t know how to swim or understand the basics of water safety.  

For non-swimmers, a day boating on the lake or spent at the beach, while very enjoyable, also invites the possibility of drowning. Learning to swim may not only save a life but also opens the possibility of developing a lifelong skill that can be enjoyed into the senior years.

 For many years, the opportunity to learn how to swim was very limited in this area. There were some private pools that offered lessons, and there were swimming lessons at the lake once the weather permitted. Fortunately, there is now another resource for families that would like to have their children take lessons and learn how to swim. Mission Valley Aquatics and Fitness offers regular swim lessons throughout the year, both group and private. These regular classes are on Tuesday and Thursday evenings for four weeks. 

This summer, beginning in June after school is out, we will be offering condensed swim classes during the day. The classes will run in the morning, Monday through Thursday, for two weeks. Swim classes are divided up by age and skill level and taught by qualified instructors. The ratio of instructors to children is approximately five to one in order to insure safety and quality instruction. The children are taught swimming skills as well as basic water safety.

For more information on swim classes, please visit our website at or stop by the pool.  We look forward to seeing you.

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