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Valley Journal

Lucky Strike bowling results for the week of May 19-25

Monday Spring Fun Nite 

1st Place:   Ann Zabel-Moe Schoon

2nd Place:  Kay Palmer-Jeff Lulow

3rd Place:   Joan Thompson-Richard Turpin

St. Luke’s Mixed Spring League


High Game Scratch: B. Hungerford    176

High Game Handicap: T. Blackburn          260 

High Series Scratch: S. Robinson             452

High Series Handicap: T. Blackburn          668


High Game Scratch: N. Stewart               186

High Game Handicap: A. Byers            268

High Series Scratch:   J. Robinson            444

High Series Handicap: C. Ryther             671

PBA Spring League

Pattern: Viper

High Game #1: Johnie Underwood    190

High Game #2: Zach Underwood            193

High Game #3: Marie Bigby            225

High Game #4: J. Lanktree                     202  

High Series: A.J. Bigby (4 games)            732 

Charlo Friday Night Spring Mixed 

High Team Game: Canners                      864 

High Team Series: Canners                   2474


High Game Scratch:   Don Cisney     247

High Game Handicap: A.J. Bigby      260

High Series Scratch:  Don Cisney             606

High Series Handicap: A.J. Bigby               681


High Game Scratch:   T. Sinclair                 235

High Game Handicap: E. Fleming               244

High Series Scratch:   Lisa Corbett             594

High Series Handicap: E. Fleming       669


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