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Local students named to MSU spring semester 2019 honor rolls

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MSU News Service

BOZEMAN — Montana State University has announced its undergraduate honor rolls for spring semester 2019. A total of 4,464 undergraduates have been named to the university’s two honor rolls for the 2019 spring semester. Students must complete a minimum of 12 credit hours to be on either the President’s List (4.0 GPA) or Dean’s List (3.5 GPA or higher).This list was current as of May 29 and includes all registration corrections or grade changes that have been processed to that date. An asterisk follows the names of each of the students with a perfect 4.0 grade point average for the semester and were named to the President’s List. 

Local students named to MSU’s president’s or dean’s lists are:

Arlee: Zachary Felsman

Big Arm: Angela Veach*

Bigfork: Olga Andries, Logan Bagley, Cooper Barrett, Nicholas Buenz, George Gibson, Cole Gunderson, Adam Jordt, Deidre Leslie, Agusta Little, Sheridan Pena, Hans Pilskalns, Marley Sande*, Julia Saunders*, Jacob Shea, Emily Stewart, Wilson Vogt, Joanna Waddell*

Charlo: Robert Erickson, Aislynn Love

Dayton: Mikayla Meuli*

Lakeside: Jared Fetveit*, Valentina Fetveit*, Mariah Grimes*, Kyren Hanson, Brianna Smith*

Plains: Kendra Bertrand*, Alec Cole, Jack Dolson, Tanna Klammer*,  Jena Peterson*, Hailey Phillips*, Daniel Uli, Carley Vonheeder, Danika Whitcomb

Polson: Alexi Baumgardner, Madeline Cunningham, Weston Danley, Delancey Doty*, Payton Dupuis, Briala Forman, Kendra Hergett, Abigail Lake*, Alexander Mausshardt, Hannah McGuyer, Morgan Moll, Landon Shipley, Annie Venters

Proctor: Natalee Wheeler*

Rollins: Dawson VanArtsdale

Ronan: Cody Baer, Bailee Delaurenti, Darian Delaurenti, Siera Donovan, Alexa Greene, Tristan Stevens

Saint Ignatius: Adessa Durglo*, Brooklin Hunt*, Adrianna VandenBos, Philip Vaughan

Somers: Jenny Curtis-Giem, Julianna Korf*

The entire list of MSU spring honor roll students by hometown may be viewed online at:  news/18758/msu-students-named-to-spring-semester-2019-honor-rolls


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