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Thoughts during Memorial Day shared

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This letter contains a poem. It is not in poetic form but can be read as such. It was composed on Memorial Day as I was viewing and hearing all the emotions that are connected with me as an 88-year-old former Army soldier.

My earlier years, during WWII, made a very significant impression upon me. Our wonderful hired man on our Wisconsin dairy farm, who was drafted, lost his life during the Bataan Death March. Here is the poem:

“Semper Fidelis and all that fine stuff made Trump’s Memorial Day plans a little bit rough. He pondered and pondered, now what can he do. He only likes dictators, and he knows just a few.

Amid America’s tears, from old folks from way back, it’s hard to forget that December attack.

Trump decides to play golf with an emperor of Japan. He let Pence handle speeches, remembering that man. That’s our “Trumper” for sure. A right jolly old man who avoids truth and compassion as fast as he can.”

Bob McClellan

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