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Thanking Flathead irrigators

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I want to thank Flathead irrigators who voted for David Lake and me (Janette Rosman) in our recent Flathead Irrigation District Election. There were many bumps in getting this election process moving forward. Between Lake County, Whaley Accounting and FID commissioners, we were able to get it completed.

The total number of acres in the FID is at 86,852.83, including Lake and Sanders counties, and of that total amount, 57-62 percent of the voting acres were accounted for in this election.  

David Lake had 33,221 acres equaling 62 percent, and Janette Rosman had 30,176 acres equaling 57 percent. That tells me the majority of FID irrigators are in favor of what we have accomplished in the past three years, including our support for the CSKT Water Compact.  

Another leg in our journey as commissioners for the next three years is to continue to work and listen to irrigator needs and educate the public on how passing the CSKT Compact is in the best interest of irrigators and Lake County. 

If you don’t have irrigation water in Lake County, my questions to you would be: Have you drilled a well for personal use since 1995 and did you get a water right on that well?  The answer is no. The water right for your well is included in CSKT Compact. 

David and I appreciate your vote and a reassurance of our continued conservative and responsible use of irrigator assessed dollars. FID commissioners will continue to work towards local irrigator control of the FID and want you to know you are appreciated.  I hope to see you at the Aug. 12 meeting to discuss admin fees at 1 p.m. The meeting is held at the Lake County Community Development Corporation building in Ronan. 

Janette Rosman

FID Commissioner, district 2

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