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Marriages and Divorces for July 2019

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Lake County marriages for July:

Justin John McCollum and Shannon Nicole Rohrlach

Mellissa Louise Crane and Luis Marc Marrero

Laurence Krein and Lancta Kay Penninger

Noah Daniel Bostrom and Caroline Somerville

James Russell Dollar and Sharon Anthony

Israel Umphrey and Monique Danielle Smith

Steven Craig Fouty and Janine May Dungen

Matthew Richard Holmes and Katrina Rose Trotter 

Shawna Ten Bear Hamon and Matthew Julian Michell

Alexander Cleghorn and Coleen Elizabeth Fisher

Shannon Dunae Wright and Blake James Wadsworth

Tamra Fleming and Terry Lee Cleveland

Jacob Browning Bosley and Bryla Jones

Keith Vidar Hawkaluk and Alexis Nicole Acevedo

John Howard Tremper and Anne Landis Watson

Amy Alison Ibbs and Richard Aaron Hill

Kenneth Joseph Towne and Brie Mirissa Covert

Seth Bryan Glossen and Erin Soderberg

Lyman Luke Trahan and Mandy Marie Turpin 

Jacen Tabor Petersen and Haley Schmersahl

Haley Rose Berkram and Trevor Koterba

Joseph Hesselink and Christine Arends

Jaychelle Underwood and Daniel Kraig Blackwolf

Antionette Young and Jerry Leo Whealon

Raymond Winchester and Bailey Jean Thompson

Michael Sean O’Roake and Marete Jeannett Frame

Jarred David Jackson and Sephanie Slaughterbeck

Megan M. Melvin and Andrew Stephen Moore

Rose Thomas Kelsey and Endre Rykkeje

Clayton Alex Trimble and Amanda Irene Andres 

Randy Dale Keller and Julia Espranza Lozano

Jessyca Rose Matthews Jason Earl Semore

Kyle James Fraser and Kawajiri Goncalves

Zjani Astoria Salazar and Michael Wayne Futrell

Brandon Torgenrud and Cherami Eileen Windauer

Alexander Craig Martin and Catherine Paige Michael

Elizabeth Todoroff and Micahel Scott Devoe

Samuel Daniel Shrives and Kari Lee Tenbroek


Lake County Divorces for July:

Dale A. E. Walchuk  of Ronan and Caroline E. Walchuk of Muskegan, Michigan

Keith E. Krantz of Charlo and and Diane C. Krantz of Charlo


Richard E. Estery of Charlo and Raecille A. Esterby of Charlo (Vaughan restored)

Franklin D. Day Jr. of Polson and Tiffany M. Day of Troy

Keith A. Wenderoth of Polson and Carolee M. Wenderoth of Washington, D.C.

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