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Jam time held at skatepark

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POLSON – The creative skills of about two-dozen skaters of all ages were on display during the Seventh Avenue Skatepark’s annual Skate Jam event on Saturday. 

Local amateur-pro skater Brad Pichler dropped by to hang out and showcase a few tricks of his own. He recently picked up a big-time skating sponsor, known as Powell-Peralta, which is a skateboard manufacturing company that rose to prominence in the 1980s and launched the careers of many big names in the sport.

“It’s a work in progress,” said Pichler, about his skating career. “Since picking up sponsorship, I can now be invited to national and global competitions.” 

Pichler said the Seventh Avenue Skatepark is where he got his start. “Growing up and seeing the older kids skate inspired me. That’s how I got into skating.” 

Seventh Avenue Skatepark was constructed back in 2006 to give area youth a positive outlet and provide them with a place to belong. “It’s just a good environment,” said Pichler. “This is the best place to come to especially if you are just looking for a place to hang out. Most people don’t understand that.” 

The Skate Jam event was also held as a fundraiser for the skate park’s expansion project. Seventh Avenue Skate Park is raising money to fund a $220,000 expansion project that will merge seamlessly with the original design. By adding new obstacles like pyramids, rails, ledges, boxes and steps, the expansion will essentially double the size of the existing 12,000-square-foot park.


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