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National events cause for concern

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Much is happening in our political, cultural and international scene these days. Here are two that caught my attention. See what you think.

On Wednesday, Jan. 15, both MSNBC and CNN had damning interviews with shady character Lev Parnas who was part of Trump’s Ukranian bluster and blunder team in withholding $400 million to Ukraine in military aid. 

Fox News, somehow, missed reporting on this but has promised to make up for it with a special interview with President Trump in which full clarity will be reported.

And this: our nation’s important and totally non-partisan Government Accounting Office ruled that the White House broke the law by its actions in temporarily withholding the $400 million from Ukraine. 

I guess we will just have to wait and see how far and deep our Republican legislators will be willing to back Trump to save their own backsides rather than performing in the honest and unselfish manner to which they pledged when elected. 

Bob McClellan


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