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Voters to receive information about 2020 General Election process

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News from the Lake County Election Office

LAKE COUNTY – The Lake County Election Office has received an abundance of calls regarding the status of the Nov. 3 General Election. Currently, Lake County is still planning to hold a poll election with in-person voting. 

Safety precautions will be implemented to protect both election workers and the public. Absentee ballots will be mailed on Oct. 9 to all voters who have signed up for absentee voting. 

Because the polls were closed for the June 2020 Primary Election, all active registered voters were mailed a ballot. This did not automatically change a voter from in-person to absentee voting. 

Voters who are currently signed up to vote in-person at their polling place will be sent a mailing in the next two weeks. It will inform the voter of their in-person voting status and will include an absentee application should they choose to switch to voting by mail. 

To check voter registration and absentee status, please call the Lake County Election Office at 406-883-7268, email or visit 


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