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Same-day voter registration needs to stay

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House Bill 176 would end same-day voter registration, which is a blatant voter suppression tactic. Republicans are attacking the right to vote by making it more difficult for voters that already struggle to access voter registration due to distance, lack of transportation or lack of information. 

Montana has had same-day voter registration since 2005. And evidence continues to show that our election system is secure. 

In November of 2014 an overwhelming 57 percent of Montana voters defeated Legislative Referendum #326, which attempted to end same-day voter registration. Montana voters have clearly spoken.

So why now do the Republicans want to overturn this Referendum that a majority of all Montanans voted for? If the legislature and Gov. Gianforte truly represented the people of Montana, they would respect the wishes of the Montana majority and keep same-day registration in place.

We all should be encouraging people to vote rather than attack their voting rights.  

Kathleen Farmer



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