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Positive thinking is helpful

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Our democracy is in serious peril. Donald Trump caused a total focus on the self. His public expressions of loudly blaming others for his own mistakes has resonated with millions who were delighted with this way of thinking. This formed the Trump base. 

Blaming others is common in humans, but now, we see what happens when you have a president doing it. Just look at the effects of this in the many public displays of violent behavior.

We are constantly hearing news reports analyzing the great divide in our nation. But we did, as a people, elect Trump to the White House. And Donald Trump has not changed who and what he is from before he was elected right on through his presidency.

Will we get back to being a democratically operating two-party system?  A real problem exists.  We presently have many elected Republican members of Congress that are ruled by fear. They fear Trump’s continuing grip on his large base and the voting power of that base.

The ultimate answer for healing our democracy resides within each of us. It depends upon how we think. Our thinking leads to our actions and hopefully to voting.

Years ago, I read a book entitled “The Power of Positive Thinking” by Norman Vincent Peale. It had quite an effect on me. This power is always available within each of us. It is certainly needed in our nation today.

Bob McClellan



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