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Looking back over the past year, I see the work that Senator Jon Tester has done.  I thank him.  

He’s helped to secure disaster relief to farmers and ranchers who face drought, get federal money for MT and local school districts to procure domestically produced food during supply shortages, worked to protect rural pharmacies from hidden costs and get reduced costs for Medicare prescriptions, and promoted veterans’ interests.  

Senator Tester has supported legislation that kept many small businesses afloat during the pandemic, and he supported legislation that will create new jobs while we upgrade airports, electric grids, and roads, and get better internet for businesses and schools to function well.  These are wins for Montana residents. He is for positive changes and new ideas.

Conversely, news bulletins and emails from Senator Daines’ office are nearly all negative, only about what he’s against.  I rarely see much that he is for, or what he proposes to support.  Only against. What kind of platform is that?

Stephanie Brancati

Big Arm, MT


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