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There is an open-cut gravel mine and asphalt plant proposed in Arlee across the road from the Garden of 1000 Buddhas. This is near my home, and my neighbors and I have many concerns around the mine, including noise, dust, traffic, etc. But our water supply and quality is of the utmost concern. The permit for these “High and Dry” gravel pits do not ensure that the groundwater will be protected. Where we live the water table is very shallow, and many rely on that water not only for our homes, but also our livelihoods, as we are a community of small farms and ranches. We are practically voiceless with this matter, as recent legislation has made it difficult for landowners to express their concerns around these mines. We are writing to you in hopes that more people will be made aware of this issue and how it could impact rural Montana Communities. 

Hannah Talbott



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