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“The Power and Honor of Good People.”

We experienced this power and honor in the culmination of the Watergate scandal during the Nixon years. Will it culminate during Trump’s continuing ‘lust for power’ in present years?

Nixon’s dishonesty and ‘lust for power’ are now being played out consistently by Donald Trump. The difference between the two men is that Nixon did not suffer from a severe case of narcissism, which dominates Trump in his thoughts, words, and actions. This mental condition of narcissism has the following characteristics: 

“Being overly boastful, pretending to be superior to others, lack of empathy for others, and having a fragile self-esteem.”

This is where we are in our present political theatrics. Trump’s base of voters surely has the GOP in the grips of fear and doubt.

We the people must realize the danger we face with the Trump characteristics being in power. Let us each vote sensibly and for retaining our form of democracy. 

Bob McClellan


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