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Consider freedom of religion

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America’s constitution does not condone abortion - neither does it oppose it.  

The opposition to abortion may be from one’s personal viewpoint about an unborn life but mainly it stems from the tenets of an organized religion. Freedom of religion IS in our constitution, as well as being one of the building blocks of our nation. Which, then, is the bigger threat to our country; our creating laws that limit an individual’s liberty to act in a way that is not a threat to our society as a whole, or to adhere and demand obedience to the precepts of some church’s beliefs? Not all Christian religions feel abortion is a sin.  

Those that do, including comments indicating that includes some of our elected legislative representatives, are missing the bigger threat to the liberties we created. Those elected ones are forgetting our heritage and playing to voters who believe they are right to push for what their religious beliefs tell them. I agree they have that right. I do not agree that their desire to eliminate the right of a woman to an abortion justifies changing who we are and why we are a free nation.

Religious control still exists in many countries. Are they the image of what we will become if we head down that path and start to strip individual liberties for a religious purpose?  

Obviously our Constitution has evolved. When it was made, slaves existed, women had no vote, and in fact ownership of land I believe was a requirement to vote. It has been a nice journey forward and we are still young and learning.

I fear the next few years will see us step backwards, and maybe turn on the road to a dissolution of our nation. With the supremes saying there is not a constitutional right to an abortion, they also did not say it is prohibited. It is left to the states. And may our forefathers forgive those who now will try to enforce one set of religious beliefs over the freedoms they strived to establish for us as a nation with a freedom of religion. 

Rich Bell



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