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Do you want to reduce the number of abortions that occur? Here’s a practical strategy. Vote for universal health care. Vote for free childcare. Make education free for all so women can improve the conditions of their lives. Vote for a living minimum wage. Ensure that women make equal pay and have equal opportunity. Ensure that women have paid maternal leave. Bring down the American maternal mortality rate. Raise women – all women – out of poverty. Create change in society by changing many of the conditions that lead many women to choose to get an abortion. Create a society where women are empowered and safe. Do these things rather than taking away a woman’s right to autonomy, equality, and privacy.

If you do not support these things and call yourself “pro-life,” “pro-life” is a farce. It is a farce that aims to “put women in their place” and that does not value life. The “pro-life” campaign is nothing but anti-liberty, anti-civil rights, anti-equality, anti-separation of church and state, and against the rights to privacy, autonomy, and freedom of religion. If you are truly “pro-life,” throw your energy into creating a more egalitarian society in which life is actually valued rather than attacking women’s rights.

Mary Hodges


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