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City commissioners pass budget

POLSON — Polson City Commissioners approved Resolution No. 1033, adopting a budget for the City of Polson for fiscal year 2012-13. including medical mills.

The resolution allowed the city to impose 5.5 mills for permissive medical mills, at a value of $9,248 per mill, which will generate approximately $50,864 for increased health insurance premiums for city employees.  

In a close vote, Commissioners Todd Erickson, Stephen Turner and Dan Morrison voted for the resolution, and Commissioners John Campbell, Mike Lies and Fred Funke voted against it. Mayor Pat DeVries broke the tie and voted to approve the resolution. 

In other business, the commission voted to waive $739.62 in impact fees for Allen J. Orr in exchange for an easement near Rung Lane. They also reaffirmed city commitment to a hate-free zone presented by the Flathead Reservation Human Right’s Coalition. The FRHRC will be offering a free workshop on inclusive schools and communities on Sept. 29. 

During city manager comments, Polson City Manager Todd Crossett reported that work on Boettcher Park playground is ongoing. Also construction on Skyline Drive is still underway, and meetings continue on the revamping of the Polson Development Code. 

Crossett said they’re reviewing resumes to hire a building inspector. 

The water department is wrapping up a project in the Riverside addition, Crossett said, which was replacing 100-year-old pipe. 

The Department of Environmental Quality will be drilling 200 to 350 test holes in the downtown area looking for gasoline. 

The next regularly scheduled meeting will be on Oct. 1 at 7 p.m.

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