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Peace dog gets new look

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Hi, my name is Sophie. I am Polson’s official “peace dog,” who sits with my Standing for Peace folks every Monday at the Lake County courthouse lawn. My mom and friends hold up signs. Cars go by honking, people smiling and waving. It is very exciting for me.

I wanted to tell you about my new look. This is the most wonderful thing that happened to me. I am a large, long-haired, mixed breed rescue dog. My mom has not been able to brush me very much for a long time, and my hair gets tangled and dirty. I have been uncomfortable.

Then my mom met a wonderful lady named Sarah Porrazzo. She grooms animals like me and is the new owner of Pampered Pets in Polson. Mom took me there one day and Sarah worked hard on me. She was so gentle and good to me. I just love her. When Mom picked me up, she was so happy and so was I. She said I have never looked better. I’ve never felt better either.

I am telling all my friends about Sarah. One of Mom’s friends, who plays a lot of golf, said that one of his golfing friends took their little dog to Sarah and that it was the best grooming their little dog has ever had. And they are from Canada. When I heard this, I just wagged my tail real hard, and I have a long tail, because to know that wonderful Sarah’s reputation has spread all the way to Canada made me feel so happy.

I am showing off my new look. Thank you, Sarah, at Pampered Pets. Also, thank you for picking me up since mom broke her leg. Sarah, you’re the best. Woof.

Sophie, the Peace Dog
(Lynn Peters and Bob McClellan)

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