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Change must come from ground up

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I just returned from two weeks in Wisconsin, where I was visiting family and attending alumni functions at Beloit College, my alma mater, class of 1953. My first day of travel to Wisconsin was Tuesday, June 5, the primary election day.

The hugely big news in Wisconsin, of course, was the recall vote for that state’s governor, Scott Walker, prompted by the tremendous outcry and organized recall movement from the various unions.

The papers were filled with the news. Charles Krauthammer, columnist for the Washington Post, wrote a syndicated column, which appeared in local papers entitled, “What it means. History was made against unions in Wisconsin’s vote.”

In the article he wrote, “Walker was able to make the case that years of corrupt union-politician back-scratching has been bankrupting the state.”

This got me to thinking. Yes, this is so true of much of historic union power, greed and corruption. So, how about this observation on Krauthammer’s statement, just changing very few words, “We the people are able to make the case that years of corrupt politician special interest back-scratching has been bankrupting our nation.”

Are we up to it? It will not happen from the top down, regardless of who is elected president this November. It must be a grassroots movement, just like the Wisconsin union efforts, from the ground up.

Can’t you just imagine the outcry and battles from lobbyists and those funding for favors with millions to finance often greedy and selfish political interests?

And something additional to think about with a grassroots movement: too often, as the movement progresses, it begins to stray from accurately representing what was in the hearts and minds of those starting the movement. Greed, fear, and lack of integrity are no respecters of even an initially well-intentioned movement.

Bob McClellan

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