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Lake County votes predominantly Republican

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Though Election Day is over, vote counting continues in the Lake County Election Office. 

Election administrator Kathie Newgard started sifting through the 142 provisional ballots voted throughout Lake County on Nov. 7, after working until 5 a.m. the night before counting absentee ballots and ballots from military personnel and other people living abroad. 

A provisional ballot is a ballot where the voter’s registration is in question, and the ballot will be counted if the problem is resolved. 

A steady stream of people registering to vote had been flowing through Newgard’s office until noon the day before the election and 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Election Day. People in line at 8 p.m. were ushered into the courthouse, registered and voted, even though it was after 8 p.m. Newgard said 142 people registered and voted on Election Day.

“There was a big line all day,” she said. 

Overall, Newgard commented that she thought the election went very smoothly.

“The poll workers and staff in the election office did an amazing job,” she added. 

As of press time, all 22 precincts in Lake County are fully reported. Voter turnout across the county was 71.36 percent — not quite as a high as 2008’s 76.9 percent. Precinct workers from the Swan to Arlee said they were busy all day. 

Following the rest of Montana, Lake County residents chose Mitt Romney as their presidential candidate over incumbent Barack Obama, who won the national election.  

Incumbent Jon Tester won the U.S. Senator race. In Lake County Tester led Dennis Rehberg with 48.96 percent of votes to Rehberg’s 43.08 percent. 

Also mirroring the state, in Lake County the gubernatorial race between Steve Bullock and Rick Hill was neck-in-neck. Hill squeaked past Bullock in Lake County by .03 of a percent capturing 47.74 percent of the vote to Bullock’s 47.71 percent.

Superintendent of Public Instruction was another close call with incumbent Denise Juneau leading opponent Sandy Welch by less than a percent, 6,417 votes to 6,321 for Welch. This race was close throughout the state and is reported to be headed for a recount.

The Lake County Commissioner race fell to Gale Decker, the Republican candidate, with 8,028 votes over John Swenson, Libertarian, with 3,610 votes. 

Twelve candidates ran for Lake County Justice of the Peace race with Joey Jayne winning with 2,142 votes and Rick Schoening finishing second with 1,993 votes. 

In a local race for House District 9, Polson businessman Greg Hertz captured 64.01 percent of the votes while opponent Bud Koppy received 35.48 percent. 

Campaigning for State Senator for SD 6, Janna Taylor defeated challenger Nancy Lindsey. Lindsey received 3,874 votes to Taylor’s 4,656. 

Taylor said, “I would like to thank everyone who supported my campaign and put up signs; I appreciate all the votes and prayers.”

She’s already working with fellow senators on bill ideas and will be in a meeting and a caucus this coming week.


Unofficial Lake County results


President and Vice-president

Barack Obama/Joe Biden, D  5,715

Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan, R  7,084

Gary Johnson/James P. Gray, Lib.  357

Write-in  103


United States Senator

Denny Rehberg, R  5,684

Jon Tester, D  6,460

Dan Cox, Lib.  1,034

Write-in  17


United State Representative

Steve Daines, R  6,659

Kim Gillan, D  5,795

David Kaiser, Lib.  556

Write-in  16


Governor and Lt. Governor

Steve Bullock/John Walsh, D  6,271

Rick Hill/Jon Sonju, R  6,275

Ron Vandevender/Marc Mulcahy, Lib  582

Write-in  16


Secretary of State

Brad Johnson, R  5,781

Linda McCulloch, D  6,593

Roger Roots, Lib.  521

Write-in  11


Attorney General

Pam Bucy, D  5,966

Tim Fox, R  6,829

Write-in  21


State Auditor

Monica J. Lindeen, D  6,744

Derek Skees, R  5,828

Write-in  25


State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Denise Juneau, 6,417

Sandy Welch, R  6,321

Write-in  26


Clerk of the Supreme Court

Mike Fellows, Lib  5,625

Ed Smith, D  6,529

Write-in  56


Supreme Court Justice #5

Laurie McKinnon  6,387

Ed sheehy  4,942

Write-in  70


Retain Supreme Court Justice #6 Morris

Yes  8,089

No  3,116


District Court Judge, Dist. 20, Dept. 2

Deborah “Kim” Christopher  8,252

Thomas A. Kragh  3,663


State Senator District 6

Nancy Lindsey, D  3,874

Janna Taylor, R  4,656

Write-in  53


State Representative District 11

Greg Hertz, R  2,661

Bud Koppy, D  1,475

Write-in  21


State Representative, District 12

Dan Salomon, R  2,525

Luke Wallawander, D  1,685

Write-in  12


State Representative District 15

Forrestina “Frosty” Calf Boss Ribs, D  1,302

Joe Read, R  1,213

Write-in  14


State Representative District 9

Rodrik Brosten, D  695

Scott M. Reichner, D  1,029

Write-in  4


Clerk of District Court

Lyn Platt Fricker, R  9,935

Write-in  395


County Commissioner District 3

Gale Decker, R  8,028

John S. Swenson, Jr., Lib.  3,610

Write-in  172


Justice of the Peace

Alan Booth  493

Ron Boyce  555

Dennis DeVries  739

Joey Jayne  2,142

Edwin R. Jonas III  242

Steven R. Kendley  1,514

Daryl Kerr  524

Kathleen O’Rourke Mullins  1,130

James Raymond  698

Sharon Richardson  1,236

Rick Schoening  1,993

David A. Weinandy  333

Write-in  57


Legislative Referendum No. 120

For  9,322

Against  3,608


Legislative Referendum No. 121

For  10,163

Against  2,746


Legislative Referendum No. 122

For  8,655

Against  4,180


Legislative Referendum No. 124

For  7,078

Against  5,601


Initiative No. 166

For  9,458

Against  3,062   



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