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‘K. Willie’ kids rock Ronan

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K. William Harvey’s Christmas concerts were held Dec. 14. To accommodate the high number of students, children were split between two concerts, with first and second grades together and third and fourth grades together. There were 156 performers at one concert and 175 at the other. 

Children danced, sang traditional and non-traditional Christmas songs, performed skits and played instruments. For one of the songs, students sang ”I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” partly in English and partly in Salish. Students performed on stage in Ronan’s Performing Arts Center. 

Two things Tammy Krahn, K. William Harvey’s music teacher, loves hearing every year from students are, “That was fun!” and “Do you like what I am wearing, Mrs. Krahn?” 

Students enjoy getting up on the brightly lit stage and seeing their outfits sparkle.

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