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Fleming is best choice for HD 12

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I am a conservative who desires a more responsive, less intrusive government. One which uses our resources wisely. Long ago, I learned that neither political party embraces that agenda. There are individual candidates within both parties who do. That is why John Fleming gets my vote as House District 12 representative again.

Mr. Fleming has been to my home to discuss his beliefs and hear mine. I learned that he has been to more than 1800 households in Lake County so far and will visit many more before election day. During his first term, Mr. Fleming acted upon the beliefs he had discussed with me during his campaign. He is honest, straightforward and he listens to his constituents.

A recent letter to the editor stated that Mr. Fleming voted for the Medical Marijuana Act. In fact, that act was the result of an initiative passed by the voters. The legislature did not act on it so Mr. Fleming did not vote on it. Mr. Fleming supports our Second Amendment firearms freedoms and voted for 3 of 4 bills on that issue. He did not support a law legalizing the use of silencers on hunting rifles. I agree with him on that issue.

The last budget of the State of Montana was pretty big, but so are the services we expect of the government. On the other hand, the State of Montana’s budget balanced with revenue. Thank you, Mr. Fleming.

John Fleming deserves your support this November. His integrity and hard work will certainly serve all of us in House District 12 well.

Tim Skinner

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