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Elect Doyle sheriff

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It has been said that austere conditions forge austere leaders. If the issues and activities at present have done nothing more, they have forged Jay Doyle into the Sheriff that the people of Lake County and the LCSO need to go forward. It has been proven, time and time again that Jay Doyle has the level headedness, and the clarity to ensure public safety, instill leadership, demand professionalism, while exercising his sworn duties to ensure the protection of this county.

I have known Undersheriff Jay Doyle, in various capacities, and while we may not have always seen eye to eye, Jay has always exhibited a quiet resonance of control and compassion, along with respect toward others, which I recognized from a special class of men I knew and worked with while in the military.

In so far as politics, I am quiet, as a military veteran I am especially quiet, yet I find myself compelled to come forward and ask, “What have other people offered in the way of correcting LCSO issues? What positive actions have they exhibited to ensure professionalism within the department?” 

Jay Doyle has stood firm, remained calm, and foremost, put the people of Lake County first, in continuing to fulfill his sworn duty as an undersheriff, and put politics second. He never forgot what his true passion was, nor his obligation to the community, and stood firm and resilient in the chaos of the storm.  

Undersheriff Doyle has been there through it all and I want to be absolutely clear when I say I am a military veteran who is proud to support Jay Doyle - a member of this community whom exhibits the integrity and tenacity needed to re-establish the high quality of professionalism we have come to know and expect from our sheriff and deputies.

I would also like to thank his wife and family for their contribution and sacrifice. It has not been easy as of late, but they recognize what has taken place. They know the truth, separate the un-truths, and offer support which allows us, as a community, to have the person best experienced for sheriff; their husband, father, grandfather, Jay Doyle.  

Byron Crow


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