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HD12 has two great candidates

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I am writing out of concern regarding our local elections. I am finding it difficult to read the paper or open my mailbox when the information inside is often a disrespectful portrayal of our local candidates, and not necessarily accurate.  

The race causing me most concern, and sadness for the candidates and their families, is the race between John Fleming and Dan Salomon. Both of these men are honorable and deserving of the community’s respect.  I know both of them well and in many ways they are more similar than different. Both are intelligent, thoughtful, concerned, and place great value on family, education, and community. They deserve to be represented in person and by the generated campaign pamphlets by the attributes of their character, and not by a caricature created by people who have no real tie to Lake County in the first place. In addition, a voting record alone says nothing unless the reasons why the vote was cast in the first place are understood and then compared with the votes of the entire voting body before the candidate’s voting record is condemned. 

I don’t know yet who I am voting for but I know that my decision will be based upon how I believe each would represent my concerns, the concerns of my community, their own beliefs, and their willingness to either support or oppose the beliefs of their respective parties if those beliefs contradicted their own. I hope to rely on the information I collect and not the information I receive in the mail.

Our community doesn’t need to be part of a disrespectful campaign. We know these men and we have access to them by phone or in person when we see them in town. Please let your vote be based upon the information you gather from them directly or from their local supporters and don’t automatically believe the literature that comes in the mail. If you have any concerns about what you receive, call them directly and ask if they support the information before you make your final voting decision.  

I am torn because I believe in each of them as a person.

Kathy Knapp


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