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County Commissioners welcome public input, meeting attendance

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News from the Lake County Commissioners

POLSON — Welcome to the first Lake County Commissioners’ column. It is our hope that this column will provide our readers with pertinent information about our office and some of the decisions that are being made and how those decisions might affect you and our county. Each of your commissioners will contribute to the column, and the column will appear every other week.

Each of Montana’s 56 counties has an elected Board of Commissioners. Most counties, like Lake, have boards of three commissioners, but a few counties have five. Some commissioners work full-time, while others are part-time. Lake County’s commissioners are full-time. Commissioners come from all walks of life, and there is no previous best experience that prepares successful candidates for the position.

Each week an agenda is published listing the topics to be considered by the Lake County Commissioners. These meetings are scheduled Tuesday through Thursday and can be viewed by the public on the Lake County Courthouse webpage. Commissioners can be contacted by e-mail at All meetings on the agenda are open to the public unless the topic is a personnel issue and the board chairman closes the meeting due to privacy rights of the individual(s) being discussed. Although agenda items are considered Tuesday through Thursday, the commissioners’ office is open 8 a.m.- to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. 

Presently, Bill Barron, Ann Brower and Gale Decker serve as commissioners in Lake County. Barron represents the northern portion of the county, Brower the south and Decker the middle part. Although commissioners run from one of the three districts in the county, all voters in the county determine who is elected. Commissioners serve six-year terms.

In closing, we look forward to the opportunity to inform all of our readers about our office and some the topics that are being discussed and voted upon. 

There is no shortage of issues that need to be resolved in Lake County, and citizen input will help your commission resolve those issues.

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