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St. Ignatius City Court news for Sept. 9, 2010

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Judge Sharon Richardson heard the following cases from Aug.1-30:

Vanessa Jones pleaded not guilty to three counts of violating the leash ordinance. Her case was transferred to tribal court.

Zachary Wilkinson, 20, pleaded guilty to possessing intoxicating substances while under the age of 21 (and over age 18), second offense. He was found guilty and fined $300 and charged $85 in court costs.

Larry Robinson, 59, pleaded guilty to operating with expired registration, failure to re-register. He was found guilty and paid a $50 fine plus $35 in court costs.

Ross McCrae, 50, pleaded guilty to driving a motor vehicle while privilege is suspended or revoked. He was found guilty, fined $250 and $35 in court costs, plus sentenced to 180 days in jail with 178 suspended. The two remaining days will be suspended if McCrae provides his drivers license by November 2, 2010.

Samantha Nice, 32, pleaded guilty to: operating with expired registration, failure to re-register; illegal entrance or exit to restricted highway access; operating without liability insurance, second offense; and a stop sign violation.  She was found guilty on all counts and fined a total of $350 plus $175 in court costs. 

The following people forfeited a $75 bond for speeding, going 11-20 miles mph over the posted speed limit: Tony Leavitt, 49; Sandra Franconi, 59; Gary Newsom, 49; Gudren Schroeder, 39; David Calahan, 67; Jessie Fahlgren, 28; Timothy German, 54; Barbara Kolby, 60; Dana Henderson, 48; Peter Nabor, 46; Lauren VanDollen, 27; Jennifer Sterling, 50; Sarah Meeks, 30; Rhonda Golden, 54; Gordon Slethaug, 69; Linda Eby, 60; John Langhorne, 63; Michael Toomb, 45; Kevin Owen, 24, and he forfeited a $50 bond plus $35 in court costs for operating with an expired registration, failure to re-register.

The following people forfeited a $50 bond for speeding, going 1-10 miles mph over the posted speed limit: Catherine Thornton, 50; Larry Bass, 74; Robert Kreider, 65; Lori Jensen, 45; Mark Caron, 55; Raymond Hoth, 37; Brian Romain, 26; Curtis Dikoff, 56; Erik Acquistapace, 36; Kari Fossen, 40; Shelle Desousa, 42; Norman Shaw, 69; Charles Zier, 59; Timothy Wevers, 48; Andrew Moore, 65; James Hardman, 73; Jerry Court, 51; Anne Endicott, 66; Eric Alexander, 40; Linda Roberts, 58; Leonard Wheeler, 23; Andrea Smith, 35; Ronald Dineharat, 58; Russell Torbett, 53; William Timothy, 43; Evart Hartman, 58; Marvin Martin, 62; Jared Taylor, 34; Michael Nimlos, 48; Walter Leaphart, 63; Peter Kurachek, 67; Brittney Bennetts, 33; Doug Walker, 77; Sally Thresher, age unavailable; Jamie Jamison, 48; Richard Standerfer, 73; Duane Herold, 67; Salvador Magana, 54; Jennifer Flaherty, 23; Larry White, 64; Mark Peasley, 45; Lennis Prewitt, 55; Joshua Hennes, 38; Milagra McLeod, 21; Sandra Young, 56. Weston Raymond forfeited a $25 bond for speeding 10 mph over the posted limit.

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