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Oversight needed for illegally dumped toxins

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There is no reason to be in this state of worry regarding sewer waste. There is a safer solution.

Water treatment plants such as PPL Montana in Colstrip, and Havre Water Plant in Havre, have already transitioned to safer alternatives.  With safer alternatives available, there is absolutely no reason why my family and 110 million Americans are at risk of a toxic chemical spill everyday. 

Right now, U.S. Sen. Max Baucus is on a senate committee reviewing a bill enforcing safer treatment options. Senator Baucus needs to support legislation (the Secure Chemical and Water Facilities Act) to make us safer.

I have been watching a sewer truck dump septic waste on open land near Flathead River, and when I inquired about it, was told he has a permit from the state to do this. With the toxins that go into septic tanks legally, such as Prozac, think of the illegal toxins that go in such as meth, just to be sprayed on the ground for wildlife to eat, not to mention the cows next door eating the grass that ends up as your food source.

This has to change. Please be active in not allowing this to happen.

Patricia Lundgren


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