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Freedom requires an active citizenry

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As a founder of a local freedom group, I would like to speak to the lack of support in our community concerning efforts to educate citizens about what’s going on in our country. As the fire heats up in Washington, D.C., attendance at local meetings is pathetic. Why?

Neighbors, can you see what’s going on in our country? Are you concerned about what will happen to your business, ranch, or retirement nest egg? Are you disgusted with the sex education curriculum that may be foisted on children attending public schools in Helena? Will the national debt enslave your children and grandchildren?

Do you receive a subsidy, grant or other government payment that prevents you from speaking out? What will happen to your “income” when the money runs out?

Perhaps you have a business and don’t want to rock the boat with your progressive and socialist-leaning neighbors. Will this prevent your business from closing when the house of cards falls?

Perhaps you’re busy with work or other commitments.  What could be more important than coming to the aid of our country?

Perhaps you think someone else will fix the problem. Have you seen anyone step up?

Powerful people who believe ordinary citizens are ignorant, intolerant and racist are destroying America. They believe they know what’s better for your family than you do. If they can take away God, erode our family values and destroy our love of country, the void can be filled with bigger government.

Consider what will happen to America if we don’t stop the cancer destroying it. Where are the courageous citizens our country needs right now? Make a commitment.Get involved. Know that freedom requires informed and vigilant citizens.

Terry Backs
Brushfires of Freedom, Montana
St. Ignatius

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