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Valley wrestling teams meet up for Mixer/Duals event

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Friday and Saturday were bustling in Ronan as teams from all over Western Montana came to participate in Ronan’s 45th annual wrestling tournament and 10th annual Western Montana Duals meet. 

With approximately 350 wrestlers from 26 teams, including Arlee, Polson, Mission-Charlo, and Ronan, wrestlers had stiff competition and a long two days on the mats. 

Throughout the event there were 420 mixer matches and 45 duals total. 

On Friday, Ronan defeated Deer Lodge and Thompson Falls, but it wasn’t quite enough to move on. Eight teams advanced to the Duals Championship, including Mission-Charlo and Polson. Mission-Charlo ousted Polson 43-37, adding to Polson’s other losses to Kalispell Glacier and a heartbreaking one-point loss to Libby.

Mission-Charlo also lost to Eureka and Columbia Falls. At the end of the day, Polson grabbed seventh place and Mission-Charlo was right behind in eighth.


Friday Duals Results

Ronan 48 vs. Deer Lodge 30

126- Connor Rogers (DL) pin Lane Garcia (Ron) 1:46

132- Chase Rhine (Ron) pin Tristen Marjerison (DL) 1:35

138- Connor Benn (Ron) pin Sean Christensen-Cozby (DL) 2:58

145- Brandon Dumont (Ron) pin Tristen Huff (DL) 0:29

152- Sheldon Danforth (DL) pin Steven Michal (Ron) 0:32

195- Lauren Christopher (Ron) pin Ricky Clawson (DL) 0:49


Ronan 41 vs. Thompson Falls 21

126- Weston Stover (TF) pin Lane Garcia (Ron) 3:38

132- Chase Rhine (Ron) pin Jake Gascon (TF) 0:52

138- Connor Benn (Ron) pin Willy Cochran (TF) 1:09

145- Colton Bray (TF) dec Brandyn Dumont (Ron) 8-4

152- Joey Milner (TF) pin Steven Michal (Ron) 0:22

160- Ron Cullis (Ron) tech fall Kyle Milner (TF) 16-1

170- Tayler Sinclair (Ron) pin Rowan Smith (TF) 1:19


Polson 39 vs. Fairfield 36

106- Thunder Morales (Pol) pin Dawson Giles (Fair) 4:48

113- Robert Rhodes (Fair) pin Cody Hedeen (Pol) 1:05

120- Jaben Wenzel (Pol) pin Cole Giles (Fair) 1:52

126- Carlos Quinones (Pol) pin Jesse Entz (Fair) 1:14

132- Dawson Peterson (Fair) pin Rhett Burland (Pol) 4:59

138- Cache Giles (Fair) pin Alex Helgeson (Pol) 3:10

145- Ryan Lesofski (Fair) pin Jared Young (Pol) 5:19

152- Joel Graf (Fair) pin Warren Wood (Pol) 3:39

160- Dalton Feeler (Fair) pin Triston Martin (Pol) 1:50

170- Tel Motichka (Pol) dec. Kyle Snyder (Pol) 8-2

182- Tele Seemann (Pol) pin Ty Otness (Fair) 3:01

195- Mike Corrigan (Pol) pin Dylan Reed (Fair) 3:01


Polson 54 vs. Drummond 12

113- Thunder Morales (Polson) dec. Chris Carroll (Drummond) 7-1

120- Jaben Wenzel (Polson) pin Sean Provost (Drummond) 2:56

138- Tony Bergerson (Drummond) pin Alex Helgeson (Polson) 5:18

152- Warren Wood (Polson) dec. Ty Pocha (Drummond) 4-3

160- Peyden Prince (Drummond) pin Triston Martin (Polson) 1:19

195- Mike Corrigan (Polson) pin Cody Walden (Drummond) 0:21

220- Isaiah Williams (Polson) pin Tom Paxton (Drummond) 2:55


Mission-Charlo 48 vs. Townsend 28

106- Morgan Schultz (MC) pin Baxter Roach (Town) 1:58

126- Logan Schwope (Town) maj. dec. Jamie Mullins (MC) 10-1

138- Branson Phelps (Town) pin Jay Wadsworth (MC) 5:33

152- Kyle Couture (MC) dec. Alex Stuczynski (Town) 4-0

170- Jacen Petersen (MC) dec. Evander Wilbur (Town) 6-0

220- Eli Hohn (Town) pin Ethan Goss (MC) 2:48

285- Tyler Spidel (MC) pin Joe Stewart (Town) 0:29


Mission-Charlo 59 vs. Hellgate 24

113- Morgan Schultz (MC) pin Asa Hoerner (Hel) 5:48

126-Jamie Mullins (MC) pin Derek Baker (Hel) 4:57

138- Shawn Olson (Hel) pin Jay Wadsworth (MC) 3:04

145- Trent Dennison (MC) Brady Needles (Hel) 2:23

160- Manuel Ammann (MC) pin Miles Decker (Hel) 0:49

170- Jacen Peterson (MC) pin Drake Pruitt (Hel) 0:57

182- Steven Bravo (MC) pin Jack Matinich (Hel) 1:16

195- Zach Bauer (Hel) pin Shane Morgeau (MC) 3:05

285- Tyler Spidel (MC) pin Josh Jacobson (Hel) 0:31




Duals Championship Bracket Results

Polson 33 vs. Kalispell Glacier 45

113- Sam Barber (Gla) pin Cody Hedeen (Pol) 1:38

120- Ryder Day (Gla) pin Jaben Wenzel (Pol) 1:01

126- Cody Decker (Gla) dec. Carlos Wuinones (Pol) 6-0

132- Quinn Barber (Gla) pin Rhett Burland (Pol) 1:29

138- Alex Helgeson (Pol) dec. Cody Settle (Gla) 9-4

145- Jared Young (Pol) pin Arik Lybeck (Gla) 3:48

152- Donovon Macura (Gla) pin Steven Ostberg (Pol) 1:52

160- Jacob Ferkins (Gla) pin Triston Martin (Pol) 0:58

170-Tel Motichka (Pol) dec. Tanner Stupack (Gla) 7-3

182- Tele Seemann (Pol) dec. Isaac Sanez (Gla) 6-4

195- Mike Corrigan (Pol) pin AJ Robinson (Gla) 4:57


Polson 36 vs. Libby 37

113- Ty Hight (Lib) pin Thunder Morales (Pol) 1:47

120- Jaben Wenzel (Pol) pin Dylan Roby (Lib) 1:27

132- Zach Crace (Lib) pin Rhett Burland (Pol) 1:51

138- Skyler Higereda (Lib) pin Alex Helgeson (Pol) 1:33

145- Jared Young (Pol) pin Dylan Parrish (Lib) 0:51

152- Alex Yeadon (Lib) pin Steven Ostberg (Pol) 1:32

160- Josh Bowers (Lib) pin Triston Martin (Pol) 0:49

170- Garrett Chapel (Lib) pin Tel Motichka (Pol) 2:47


Mission-Charlo 43 vs. Polson 37

106- Morgan Schultz (MC) maj. dec. Thunder Morales (Pol) 16-2

113- Danny Helmer (MC) dec. Cody Hedeen (Pol) 13-11

126- Carlos Quinones (Pol) dec. Jamie Mullins (MC) 11-10

138- Alex Helgeson (Pol) pin Jay Wadsworth (MC) 2:39

145- Jared Young (Pol) maj. dec. Trent Dennison (M/C) 20-10

152- Kyle Couture (MC) pin Steven Ostburg (Pol) 3:21

160- Manuel Ammann (MC) pin Triston Martin (Pol) 2:54

170- Jacen Peterson (MC) pin Tel Motichka (Pol) 1:23

182- Tele Seemann (Pol) pin Shane Morigeau (MC) 1:29

195- Steven Bravo (MC) pin Mike Corrigan (Pol) 1:28

220- Isaiah Williams (Pol) pin Ethan Goss (MC) 1:39


Mission-Charlo 15 vs. Columbia Falls 69

106- Morgan Schultz (MC) dec. Winfield West (CF) 9-6

113- Mason Fetters (CF) pin Danny Helmer (MC) 0:29

126- Shonn Roberts (CF) pin Jamie Mullins (MC) 2:21

138- Colton Gove (CF) pin Jay Wadsworth (MC) 2:54

145- Zayne Brunz (CF) pin Trent Dennison (MC) 1:21

152- Bryan Schaffer (CF) pin Kyla Couture (MC) 3:44

160- Cody Walters (CF) dec. Manuel Ammann (MC) 10-6

170- Jacen Petersen (MC) pin Jason Williams (CF) 0:34

182- Ike Schwiekert (CF) pin Shane Morigeau (MC) 2:56

195- Andrew Burgess (CF) pin Steven Bravo (MC) 4:53

220- Ethan Goss (MC) pin Mikey Denison (CF) 5:17 

285- Spender Ross (CF) pin Tyler Seidel (MC) 0:15


Eureka 38 vs. Mission-Charlo 31

106- Kahden Bakkila (Eur) pin Morgan Schultz (MC) 0:52

113- Garrett White (Eur) pin Danny Helmer (MC) 0:36 

126- Josh Schmidt (Eur) dec. Jamie Mullins (MC) 4-2

132- Levi Lambertsen (Eur) open

138- James Dunn (Eur) tech fall Jay Wadsworth (MC) 17-2

145- Trent Dennison (MC) maj. dec. Nikko Bakilla (Eur) 9-0

152- Kyle Couture (MC) dec. Colby Hammack (Eur) 9-2

160- Wyatt Miller (Eur) pin Manuel Ammann (MC) 4:27

170- Jacen Petersen (MC) pin Joe Fehr (Eur) 0:36

182- Miles Plemmons (Eur) pin Shane Morigeau (MC) 3:40

195- Steven Bravo (MC) pin Kahlan Yanak (Eur) 0:36

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