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Disabled also deserve parade view

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We just returned home from watching the Polson parade, but unfortunately, only had the opportunity to see occasional parts of it. 

My wife, who is mostly homebound, and another couple in the same circumstance were sitting next to each other - my wife in a walker chair and the couple in folding chairs. The chairs were placed far enough out so they could watch the parade. 

The closer the parade came, people started standing in front of them. Several attempts were made to move the chairs toward the parade, but the same thing happened. I approached almost a dozen people asking them to move to give these handicapped people a chance to see the parade. Some did, others only moved slightly and some were downright rude. 

There are many limited mobility people in this area. For some who are mostly homebound or confined to wheelchairs, an outing such as a parade may be the only opportunity they have to get out in the community. Unless you live in this manner, you may not understand it. For some, it could be a last opportunity. 

For future parades, why can’t the committee that oversees these functions designate an area for the handicapped and limited mobility people? 

Bob Engels


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