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Americans need to work together

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With the obviously serious nature of the catastrophic situation in the Gulf of Mexico and President Obama’s attempts to look very presidential and in-charge, one must not overlook a few other catastrophes or catastrophes-in-the-making in which our nation is intimately entwined. To name a few: Iraq, Afghanistan, the housing market, unemployment, the national debt, Iran, North Korea, and we must not leave out our horribly structured, complicated and costly health care system.

I ask what real, proper, non-partisan and thoughtful solutions have come forth? Can you name one?

The following is the sort of rhetoric I expected to hear from Obama once he got in office:

“My fellow Americans, I address you once again as we endure one crisis after another. We can apply all the best of reactions and damage control to each crisis, but having to constantly close the barn door after the horses have escaped will never solve our problems. The only thing that is going to solve our problems is to get to the root causes of the problems. And this is going to require work and attention from all Americans."

What do I see as the root causes of all our problems? I will name some basic ones: greed, fear, distrust, an eye for an eye mentality and a steady erosion of the family structure and true community spirit. 

I implore all Americans to seriously think about what I just said. Talk together about these things in your homes, churches, clubs and meetings, and listen and share as concerned citizens of our great nation. You cannot depend on your elected leaders to do this for you. 

This nation can be best led from the ground up. We are a democracy of the people, by the people and for the people.”

Bob McClellan


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