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Subsidies create smoke screen

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Regarding Janna Taylor’s farm subsidies, didn’t some of we poor city dwellers learn that the farm subsidies given to the Twin Creek Ranch in Petroleum County – remember that amount now: $1 million – are part of a Federal program and we city dwellers just don’t understand that? 

Disaster insurance comes in that amount? If that is the case, why bother? This city dweller clearly understands that $100,000 a year for not growing crops is a dandy paycheck. Will all those who received that same amount per year for the last 10 years please stand up? 

This smoke screen reminds me of the pig farmer story that circulated some time back, where the pig farmer was paid to not raise pigs, and everyone else wanted to get in on it, giving new meaning to “pork barrel.”

Maureen Theiler


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