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Remember high school years

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Graduating from high school is a major accomplishment. A few days ago I attended a party celebrating Christa Red Crow’s graduation from Polson High School. Not only did I enjoy being with her family, I enjoyed hearing Christa’s expressions of excitement at having achieved her goal. That brought back lots of memories of my own graduation from PHS in 1951. The class of ‘51 was the first class to have their graduation ceremony in the new Linderman gym; how excited we were too, to hold our signed diplomas from Polson High School. I recall Coach Nelson’s words to me as we were greeted by family and teachers after the ceremony: “Well, Harv, you’ve just completed the best years of your life.” 

Looking back after nearly 60 years since graduation, I’d have to agree with him, high school years have to be among the most exciting years of our lives. For the first time in our lives we became aware of the satisfaction that comes from hard work and personal achievement. We learned the benefits of working together in harmony in band and in men’s glee. We celebrated our individual contribution to speech club and to the football team when a pass and a run turned into a first down. We had our first experience of learning another language in Spanish class. I recall enjoying the social aspect of high school about as much as anything: getting that first date, experiencing the first kiss and meeting the exciting cute girl from Ronan with whom I’ve spent the most exciting 55 years of my life.

The graduates from the classes of ‘49, ‘50 and ‘51 will be getting together this year in Polson on September 4-5, for their 60th anniversary celebration. We’ll share lots of memories of our wonderful days in PHS, we’ll talk about everything going on in our lives.

Sixty years have come and gone. Quite a few of our classmates have gone too. In the words of the Psalmist, “Surely, goodness and mercy have followed me all the days of my life.” 

Harvey A. Town


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